It’s Scotia 2013 time!


In just 12 hours I’ll be half way through the Scotiabank Vancouver 1/2 Marathon 2013 and if all goes to planned I should be coming up to kits ready to tear up the burrard street bridge and cruise into the home stretch. Cruise and stumble may be one in the same by this point in the race though.

My playlist is set and after several weeks of playing around to find what songs will do the trick to keep me moving and motivated this year there is a nice little selection of everything.  And I mean everything… we kick the musical features off with a handful of Disney classics like the Lion Kings- I just can’t wait to be King, before switching into some Lupe Fiasco, Eminem and of course Michael Buble and Luke Bryan.  All I can say is the people running near me in the morning will be continuously surprised at the lovely selection of tunes coming out of my ear buds.

I “Ran the Spit” yesterday in Campbell river as a kick off event for National Aboriginal Day, but more on that and the RUSH-2013 results another time as they both deserve more than a passing mention in this post.  As of yesterday I was happy with my pace-check at the 5K (which I ended up running almost 3 times at various speeds), so all looks good for tomorrow… except I completely lost a toenail tonight.. nail bed and all.. gotta love the joys of running!  I thought the toenail suicide would end after I stopped playing soccer but apparently not!

I’m excited to be able to write an update at this time tomorrow night with hopefully positive results!

  • Playlist set
  • Bib picked up and pinned
  • Eating like a monster
  • Drinking water like it’s my job
  • Motivational words picked
  • Relaxing movie night happening
  • Purple shirt and purple shoes laid out
  • Stomach in my throat because of nerves

Looks like its pre-race night!




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