The Sweatiest, Most Stlyish 21.1 kms in Vancouver: SeaWheeze 2013


After ending up with massive staph infected blisters on both my feet, leading to 2.5 weeks of zero running after the ScotiaBank 2013 ,and then taking off to the Gorge last weekend for 5 days of music festival mayhem, to say I was hesitant to take my place on the starting line of the SeaWheeze 2013 would be more than fair.  The godsend in this situation was that I was running as a ghost runner.  My name and time will never be officially published onto the world wide web because I’m running for a friend who ended up being stuck with an entry she couldn’t run after having knee surgery.  Having the knowledge that you can run a “race” and if you do well you can celebrate but if you flop and have the slowest day of your life you can still celebrate because no one but you will ever know the difference… it is the most freeing feeling and took all the pressure off me.  

I felt carefree and light in the starting gates, placing myself in a conservative block not expecting much out of my run, except to achieve my goal of enjoying every minute of it and having fun… actually paying attention to the scenery and making sure to give high fives as I pass runners and supporters.  Away we went, and after every km I felt faster and faster a feeling completely opposite from how I felt only a month earlier.  15 km I still felt great, 16 km I’m still passing people, 17 km now my competitive streak has start to kick in and I pick up the pace.  By 20 km I’m high-fiving supporters and am now breaking into a full on sprint I can see the finish and now I can smell the waffles… literally!  

Lululemon did an awesome job of making this run a full on event weekend.  Massages, temporary tattoo’s, yoga, great swag and some of the best signs from the cheer squad I’ve seen!  A personal fave (because I believed it and got really excited – which led to some disappointment at the finish)  was “I hear there’s a keg at the finish line first 500 people!”.  The brunch….. best waffle ever! 

I also couldn’t help but to notice this was the best looking group of runners I have ever seen!  Everyone had on their best and brightest lulu (shout out to some awesome Nike kicks though) with big smiles and yoga bums.  If I were a guy I tell you what I would be registering for this 1/2 marathon next year without a doubt! If you’re going to suffer through 21 km you may as well have something nice in front of you to look at!

This run was a blast and the best part is that I FEEL awesome! I’m honestly barely even sore and with a time only 2 mins slower then my ScotiaBank time (where I felt like I was totally going to die) today is an awesome day! 

So don’t take my registration spot but this 1/2 marathon will goes onto my HIGHLY recommended list.  Especially if you are: 

a) A PROUD  Vancouverite who loves this beaturiul city scenary

b) A first timer looking for not only a run but a full event filled with support from start to finish and not many killer hills (fairly flat course)

c) a girl who wants to have fun, run and get a massage at the finish line

d) a guy who wants to run behind yoga bums

“Chip” Time: 1:35.51

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Dear Lulu- my suggestions to make this run even better:

1. Have a half way clock so people can know their 20km splits

2.  Make sure the pace beavers are on pace… I was far ahead of the 1:35 beaver and still finished over 1:35

3.  Mani’s POST run!

4.  Maybe I’m just missing something but no on course pictures?? Seriously it’s the best photo Opp ever and we all want to see ourselves completing that awesome race!

All in all a great run, race and I’m proud to be a Vancouverite!