Tinkerbell Half Marathon 2014 Completed! All it took was a little bit of Pixie Dust….


A note from my other blog!

Run. Sweat. Sparkle!

Wings, Tutu’s and smiles were all intact as Rachel and I crossed the finish line last Sunday at the Disneyland Tinkerbell Half Marathon – we were spurred onto the finish line by a little bit of pixie dust of course!

To say that this half marathon was an awesome experience is a vast understatement.  Even though we’ve been preparing, training (kind of) and fundraising, and daydreaming about this trip for almost a year, as we sat in our beds creating our costumes last Saturday evening in LA, we could barely believe that race day was finally here! It was hard to imagine that we really were about to wake up at 4am to run around Disneyland dressed as Tinkerbell with 16,000 other runners!

It felt like Christmas and I was too excited to sleep.  Poor Rachel managed to get a few hours of shuteye even as I was waking up…

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