Reminder: Last Day to Donate on Behalf of RunSweatSparkle to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation!


Last Day to Donate don’t miss out!!!!

Run. Sweat. Sparkle!

Let’s kick this post off with a video of the 2014 Tinkerbell Half Marathon!

Tinkerbell Half Marathon 2014 Video

This video was created by RunDisney and will give you an idea of the energy and atmosphere we experienced almost two weeks ago.

As this specific journey comes to an end today as we do a  final tally of donations, both Rach and I have already begun brain-storming our next adventure which we are eager to tell you all about very soon!

But for now … TODAY is the FINAL DAY to donate to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation on behalf of Run.Sweat.Sparkle’s overall donation to the redevelopment and expansion of BC Children’s Hospital.  We will be doing the Grand Prize Draw (automatic entry with a $500 minimum donation) tomorrow Feb 2nd!

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to our cause this year! We appreciate your donations so much…

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Tinkerbell Half Marathon 2014 Completed! All it took was a little bit of Pixie Dust….


A note from my other blog!

Run. Sweat. Sparkle!

Wings, Tutu’s and smiles were all intact as Rachel and I crossed the finish line last Sunday at the Disneyland Tinkerbell Half Marathon – we were spurred onto the finish line by a little bit of pixie dust of course!

To say that this half marathon was an awesome experience is a vast understatement.  Even though we’ve been preparing, training (kind of) and fundraising, and daydreaming about this trip for almost a year, as we sat in our beds creating our costumes last Saturday evening in LA, we could barely believe that race day was finally here! It was hard to imagine that we really were about to wake up at 4am to run around Disneyland dressed as Tinkerbell with 16,000 other runners!

It felt like Christmas and I was too excited to sleep.  Poor Rachel managed to get a few hours of shuteye even as I was waking up…

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You Asked. We Delivered. An AMAZINGLY EXCLUSIVE Grad Prize incentive to donate…


My Side Project: Check us out!

Run. Sweat. Sparkle!

ANY Donors who donate $500 or more will be automatically entered into the Grand Prize Draw for an Exclusive Trip for 4 to BC’s Sunshine Coast! 


Grand Prize Draw- $500 donation minimum  automatically qualifies you to win this Exclusive Trip to BC’s Sunshine Coast

This unique BC experience for 4 people, starts off in the early afternoon with a private boat pick up, ( see below picture ), at the Horseshoe Bay Marina. The group would then take a scenic boat trip through the Howe Sound and over to Gibsons Marina on the Sunshine Coast. Once on land you will be transferred to a spectacular private residence on the water where your hosts, Joan and Bill Humphries, will show you how to enjoy the spoils of the beautiful Sunshine Coast, including access to the hot tub, sauna, kayaking, and of course the ocean. A light dinner, including seafood caught by…

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Stark Juxtapositions


Isn’t it strange that sometimes to see the true beauty in a scene you need to appreciate its direct opposite?


After feeling uber lazy last Monday morning- Canadian Remembrance Day- I donned my cold weather gear and headed out for a run.  I had no plan or intention on where I was going or for how long, I just knew I wanted to get outside and fill my lungs to clear my head.  90 minutes and 20km later I was back home and couldn’t believe how quickly the time had flown by.  The day and scenery of Stanley Park propelled me to go further than originally anticipated.   There were so many instances where I wished that I were walking with my camera to capture the moments happening around me.  In these moments I realized that the most strikingly beautiful things I was seeing were paired with the ordinary. 


There was a constant flow and activity on the ocean, paddle boarders coaxing their way into the cold waters, birds flapping and cyclists whizzing by me.  That all stopped in an instant when the cannon from the Remembrance Day Ceremony sounded.  After the cannon a distinct calm spread over the water, so much calm and stillness that even the birds looked fake as they bobbed there- seemingly scared to make any ripples in the ocean.  The sounds of the chatter of a downtown city centre ceased for a moment.  It felt like someone pressed mute in the middle of a live concert.


Then as I waved to a fellow jogger coming around Lost Lagoon I saw the vivid white of a Swan against a dark figure on the nearby bench.  It was a man in a dark large coat who appeared to be sleeping and the swan was curled up  so close that it was almost touching him.  It was as if they were keeping each other company- two lone entities surround by a city that was full of life and commotion that day.


It was the image of the swan and the man that struck me as strangely beautiful and made me think about the juxtapositions that surround us daily.  For instance I like to run alone because I enjoy the quiet and the time to let my mind wander but at the same time I always have my headphones in love listening to music when I run.  Listening to music lets me do my best thinking- it is as if filling my ears with other people words can help me make sense of my own thoughts.  Or that athletes get satisfaction out of knowing they worked hard by feeling the pain and the pleasure of the post exercise endorphin kick along with the aching muscles in the bodies?  

Running Shoes and Fairy Wings




I AM SO EXCITED to announce the launch of Run.Sweat.Sparkle – 3 girls and our journey to Disneyland for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon and our goal of raising $10,000 towards BC Children’s Hospital Foundation

Check it out! 

A Winning Weekend


A winning weekend


Elliott and I embarked on our whirlwind sports trip to Seattle during the Thanksgiving long weekend.  Along with going to watch the UW Huskies Football Game vs rivals Oregon, as well as the Seattle Seahawks Game vs the Titans (Yes I will take all the girlfriend points I can get for thinking up this weekend), I registered us for the Xterra Harvest 10K at St. Edward State Park.   This was a full-blown trail race and needless to say I was beyond nervous, as I had never run a trail race before.  I knew this race was going to be right in Elliott’s wheelhouse but I wasn’t so sure I could keep up… Especially in my traction-less Nike Free’s as I look around at all of the intense water belts and trail runners that all the other runners are wearing. But before I could process what was going on off we went into the trails. I think the fact that I was freezing my toosh off propelled me through the first half of the run fairly smoothly.


 Halfway through I made the minor error of stopping- I saw some kids hanging out after a running workout and mistakenly thought that they were part of the race.  Not until I actually looked at them standing beside me and realizing that they were about 12 years old did I realize my error.  So off I went again, down the hill, up the hill, down the hill, sliding down the hill and slowly dragging my butt back up the hill, falling spiderman style down the hill and wait what I am passing people going up a hill now (Thanks for the forced hill workouts Lauren I owe you!).  I see two girls in my sights and I know if I can tail them up the hill and gain some ground that I can put up a chase on the flats.  So I start singing myself my uphill mantra “don’t stop now, use your butt, engage your thighs”, and sure enough I passed the first girl and was coming within steps of the second girl that I could see.  I realized we were about .5K away from the finish and I started to gun it and couldn’t have been happier to see my boy cheering me into the finish line!  The confusion came when the race director came up to congratulate me.. I had come 3rd overall and won the female division and I had no idea! I thought that there were for sure a few more people in front of me so I was elated.  And I was even more elated to find out that Elliott had won the Entire race!  What a surprising and phenomenal way to start the weekend!  We had a great time eating and drinking our way through Seattle and watching some awesome football for the rest of the weekend!


Biggest lessons learned:

  1. I have come to realize that the post / during run treats at trail races is 1000% better than large scale organized road races.  Homemade goodies, chocolate cake and Chilli, hellllloooo goodness!
  2. Trails are single file so only pass when there’s room– no pushing other runners off the cliffs
  3. I should probably get some better trail shoes
  4. I should most likely start doing some more hill runs – ughhhhhhhhh


Next Up: A Vacacation Run


Although I definitely have the “travel bug”, Vancouver has always been my home base.  I grew up running on vacation in order to stay “soccer fit” but once my soccer days have subsided I started running for enjoyment, and some of my all time favourite runs have been on vacation.  I’ve realized that I’ve gotten to see some of the best places on all of my travel adventures by taking early morning runs.   From running I’ve found hidden alleys, and secret beach pathways that I would have never otherwise known existed.  I sheepishly admit that in retrospect not all of these little adventures have been my smartest or safest decisions (sorry mom!) but I definitely don’t regret them.

Highlights include morning runs along the Maui coastline finishing up at Kona coffee company (I hope to someday run the half or even full Maui marathon), through the twisted streets of San Paolo Brazil and olive orchards in Tuscany, Kensington Park and all about London, along the dusty highway in Cuba, through the morning market in El Salvador, as well as beaches in Mexico, Costa Rica, Tofino, all along the California coastline including Laguna Beach, Seattle and the city streets of Toronto and New York, just to name a few.

I’m pumped to have just registered for the Xterra Harvest 10K Trail Race held at St. Edward State Park in Seattle Washington on Oct. 12th.  This will be my very first trail race and I’ll be looking forward to having the more experienced trail racer, and part human part golden retriever, Elliott there to show me to ropes.  I figure that my eyes have already started training for this race by swallowing a multitude of fly’s and bugs on my past several runs.  Having your eyes spit out bugs several hours after a run is always exciting and very disgusting.  We’ve opted for the 10K version of this race after looking at the route and realizing that the 10K was a single loop of the park trails while the Half Marathon was 2 laps of the same route.  Personally I the running in circles and running the same course twice has zero appeal to me.  So the 10K, single lap it is.

We’re both excited for this run and we are joining it onto a pre-existing vacation to go down to Seattle to watch the Huskies vs. Oregon Ducks football game on Saturday and the Seahawks vs. Titans game on Sunday.  What a better way to kick off the Thanksgiving weekend then go for a trail run before tailgating and football watching.

Next Race: XTERRA Harvest Trail Race 10K

October 12th, 2013

St. Edward State Park, Seattle Washington